Turn online writing practice into academic writing!

  • Ever wondered if there’s a way to support your high school student tap into interest-led writing and also develop research-based academic writing?
  • Have you ever wished for stress-free ways to help your teen prepare polished writing projects for the homeschool portfolio?
  • Do you wonder how to prepare your teens to use technology in their writing projects?

Welcome to High School Writing Projects, Brave Writer’s 4-week class for high school students. Forget stuffy essays and research papers. Today’s college students prepare all kinds of writing projects, from PowerPoint presentations to YouTube videos to Instagram photo collages with captions.

In High School Writing Projects, students will choose their subject and format, follow individual customized project guidelines, and complete assignments on a weekly basis. They’ll receive feedback and instruction, working one-on-one directly with the teacher. Access to fellow peers’ work will encourage interaction, support, and growth in critical thinking, revision, and editing skills.

From the initial stage of selecting the topic to formulating the thesis and stepping through research and revision, Lucy Olson, your Writing Projects instructor, offers warm, supportive, creative feedback that walks your student through the entire process.

This class is designed for high school students who are capable of independent work. We’ll focus on a variety of writing forms for the high school years, helping students prepare for meeting the requirements of college writing using a variety of media. We will focus upon helping students meet the needs of the academic environment while still preserving their personal flair.

Writing Projects formats:

  • Commercial (with written script)
  • Keynote or PowerPoint Presentation
  • Lens on Squidoo
  • Newspaper article
  • Review (movie, game or book)
  • Screen/Audio Recording in Quicktime (in conjunction with Who-What-Where-When-Why & How piece)
  • Study Guide
  • YouTube video (with written script)

All projects will have a word count in the range of 750-900 words.


Professional Feedback: Flexible experienced teacher feedback offers each student positive personal feedback to expand and grow current writing skills.

Personal Accomplishment: High school students expand research skills and tap into academic knowledge to generate non-fiction writing that showcases their interests and abilities.

Appropriate Pace: Students learn how to pace a writing project over a four-week period, meeting deadlines just like professional writers do. This is a model that offers guidelines for meeting future academic assignments with research requirements and due dates.

Community Support: Students connect with fellow peers in Brave Writer’s custom-designed online classroom that facilitates interaction, camaraderie, and support.

Research Skills: Fine tune research skills and learn how to properly document sources and create a bibliography.

Critical Thinking: Expands students’ critical thinking and discriminatory skills: sorting through information (what is relevant, what is too much, what is not enough, what is specific enough…), and finding appropriate details to support questions.