Brave Writer supports and nurtures the homeschooling family in the areas of language arts and writing from grammar school until college with online classes, home study courses and language arts programs.

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Spring Class Registration now open!

Spring Class Schedule

The Spring Class Schedule is posted.
Registration opens March 3, 2014 at noon EST.

Literary Elements

Literary elements can be found in novels and poetry. Even movies sometimes make use of some of these elements (in their scripts or the structure of their plots). There is a list with explanations in Chapter One of The Writer's Jungle to help you teach them to your kids, if you own that manual. Read more…

Slow down, you’re moving too fast…

…Gotta make the morning last now! (Simon and Garfunkel) To feel groovy, you have to let yourself move slowly, savor, find a rhythm and stick to it, meander. Home education is a trip on side streets. It’s the wasted time of sleeping in and running late and “Where is my other shoe?” It’s the long […]

Read more…

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